He Was and Is and Is to Come - Video (Download Only)

He Was and Is and Is to Come - a 15 minute video featuring Stefan Liston's powerful spoken word, all the illustrations from the book, subtly animated with an original musical score composed by Andy Kyte.

The full video is a moving and engaging way to share the gospel, whether in a church meeting or with a small group of friends. If you are planning on using the video in a church meeting or other open public setting, we suggest a donation of £10 per public screening to enable us to continue producing high quality content. You can make a donation through the 'Donate' option in the main shop page, or by following this link.

You will receive high definition .MOV and .MP4 files, both are which are suitable for use on a projector as well as home use. For Windows users, we recommend the freely available VLC Player rather than Windows Media Player for opening video files.

1 MOV and 1 MP4
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